Sell Videos & Make Money

Your Video Stream, Your Revenue Stream.

  1. Create Content

    Produce a movie, a short, a reality show, an advice column or anything starring you or anyone that others would be interested in. Upload the content to the Streamyo service.(Upload time varies depending on size of your video and your connection speed)

  2. Set A Price For Your Content

    Select a price that other people will pay for your content. This price could be anywhere from 99 cents to $200 per content.

  3. Promote Your Content

    Tell all your friends to support you by viewing your content, embed your content on your social networking websites ie. Myspace and forums.

  4. Earn Up to 70% Of Each Sale of Your Content

    Each viewer that purchases your video to stream to their computer will be supporting you because you will earn 50% of each sale as the content provider and an additional 20% of each sale for being the affiliate. This is real cash in your pocket so that you can continue to produce great content. Finally, a destination that pays you for your hard work.

Affiliates / Sharers

Sharers or affiliates earn money too. As an affiliate if someone purchases a video that you have shared on a Myspace page, blog or forum, you will earn 20 percent of the gross revenue. 50 percent of the revenue will be earned by the content producer.

Our sharing abilities will help you earn as much money as possible as a content producer or an affiliate resulting in real, cash in your pocket. Sign up now and begin earning money from your hard work. Your affiliate code will be active as soon as you sign into your account and each video you choose to embed once signed in will be tracked to you.

More Info on Streamyo

Streamyo is an advanced video sharing platform built to give content producers a revenue stream for their created content. We support the creator and the viewer and we help producers earn a living from their video content. This is achieved by having viewers support the creator by paying a fee for the content. Our innovative technology dynamically tracks every sale whether on the homepage or anywhere throughout the Internet including a user’s Myspace page and records the revenue for you. The content is then available to be streamed to the purchasers computer and remains in the purchasers account to be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. This creates a significant revenue stream for you.

The Streamyo network is designed to let your fans and others support your hard work by paying a fee to view the content. We connect video producers with the viewing audience and give the audience a chance to support the producer to create more quality content.
We are committed to the producers, artists, and the viewing community. Now you can earn real money for your hard work. We have also enabled sharing features permitting other users to sell your content and earn a share in the revenue.
Your Video Stream, Your Revenue Stream - STREAMYO.


For answers to your questions and to begin making money from your content, click and contact Streamyo today.